Cyber Liability Insurance

Do not renew your Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage until you obtain a quote from PLCSI

Cyber claims and attacks are escalating in unprecedented frequency and intensity and pose a growing threat to the business community. The spectrum of cyber threats vary from the theft of customer account information, to attacks meant to disable a company’s computer network and website. Today, more than ever businesses need greater financial protection from cyber liability exposures. 

Broad comprehensive cyber protection coverage is affordable and is designed to get your business back on track all while protecting your company’s brand and reputation.

For the past 40 years we have specialized in Specialty Lines and Professional Liability Insurance.

If you are serious about reducing your insurance costs while maintaining continuity of coverage, then you’ve come to the right place.

Cyber Liability Coverage Includes: Enterprise Security Event Liability, Privacy Regulation Liability, Computer System Extortion, Crisis Management, Fraud Response, Public Relations, Forensic/Breach/Legal, System/Service Disruption, Business Interruption, Data Recovery Expense, Ransomware Loss Coverage, PCI Fines Coverage, Website Media Coverage, Social Engineering Fraud Coverage ($250,000 Sublimit), Invoice Manipulation Coverage ($250,000 Sublimit), Bricking Coverage ($250,000 Sublimit), Telecommunications Theft Loss Coverage ($250,000 Sublimit).



If you use a website, use the Internet, send or receive e-mail, have Digital Property, use VOIP or collect or maintain Personal Information or Third Party Corporate Information, then you need cyber protection coverage.

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Please be advised that the above titles, headings, definitions, terms and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only and are not a contract. Please refer to the actual policy and all endorsements for a complete description of coverage as certain Conditions & Exclusions apply.


Submission Requirements for NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, and IL:

  1. Firm’s current letterhead.
  2. Fully completed, signed & dated Cyber Protection Package Questionnaire
  3. Current Cyber Liability Declarations Page & Material Endorsements, if any.
  4. Signed and Dated NY Reg.194 for New York Applicants.

Very Important. All submissions are individually underwritten to determine program eligibility and terms.

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