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Professional Liability Coverage for: 

  1. real estate agent;
  2. real estate broker;
  3. real estate personal assistant, real estate appraiser, property manager, real estate leasing agent, short term escrow agent,  mortgage broker or auctioneer of real property, provided that all necessary licenses or certifications are held by the  Insured at the time of the act or omission giving rise to the  claim;
  4. expert witness or real estate consultant or counselor provided such services are limited to the areas specified in paragraphs A. through C. above.
  5. notary public; or member of a formal real estate  accreditation, standards review or similar real estate board or committee.


NOTE: Services as a construction manager are not professional real estate services.

Please be advised that the above titles, headings, definitions, terms and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only and are not a contract. Please refer to the actual policy and all endorsements for a complete description of coverage as certain Conditions & Exclusions apply.


Submission Requirements for NY, NJ, CT, and PA:

  1. Firm’s current letterhead.
  2. Fully completed, signed and dated Real Estate Professionals Application
  3. Resumes of firm’s key personnel (owners, partners & principals.
  4. Claims Supplement for each claim or disciplinary action in the past five (5) years, if any.
  5. Current Professional Liability Insurance Declarations Page & all material endorsements including, Prior Acts Endorsements.
  6. Signed & Dated NY Reg.194, for New York Applicants.

Very Important. Coverage cannot be bound until all required documentation, together with the premium due, is received, reviewed, and accepted by Underwriters. Coverage cannot be back-dated, so please make sure that your information is submitted on a timely basis. All submissions are individually underwritten to determine program eligibility and terms.


Email or fax completed forms to:

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